Greetings from Mr Lau, GSE Team Member

Dear Mr Lai and My dear brother, Hei,

I am writing this special message to you both because I think you both are the closest to understand my situation here and will certainly appreciate the most of what I am going through right now.

We have our team presentation at the Hershey Rotary Club meeting and our presentation like Mr Lai predicted was so well received and it was an eye opener to all of them and believe me you that many still thought that Singapore is part of Malaysia and many have never imagine in their widest dream that there are two parts to Malaysia - the East and the West. It was fun.

The most significant experience for me on the first day (Monday 18 April) is the chance to visit Penn State University where they have an excellence state of an art stimulation department. There I have the chance to see all sort of manikin (dummies) - life size and more sophisticated than the little Anne we have at the Chapter. I got a chance of practising CPR with AED on a modern and high tech monitor! Of course, the Dr there told me I have excellent skills. However, the bed with the patient is quite high and I have to be on my toes while doing CPR (I happen to be the shortest of the 5, even Sorense, the only lady in my group is taller with her high heel). Then we performed team CPR technique and we all saved the patients in two different settings... I am very pleased. I will share this with you and the members once I returned.

Ah Hei,

I told Mr Lai that how I wished I can visit local Red Cross Chapter when I was in his Sabah Hotel outlets. To my pleasant surprise, the organizer not only arrange 1 but I get a chance to visit 3 different Red Cross chapters with 3 different areas of focus! The organizer have made changes to the schedule so that this is really a great opportunity for us to get more idea from American Red Cross to bring back as reference for the Chapter.

Weather becomes better today with a sunny morning. The wind is still cool but I am fine with it.

I will share more when I have the chance.

Warmest regards and I thank both of you from the deepest of my humble heart

from Hershey, PA.

Trash And Limo!

Here we are, on John's Lincoln Limo, going around town, visiting to the waste management company. (limo and trash, doesnt really sound well together, right?). We had a wonderful time learning about waste disposal and waste energy is processed and of course, we got a really good smell what the american trash smells like.

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